2X CNCF Dan Kohn Scholar

Open-source contributor on the Release Team since v1.22 and SIG-Security. Cloud Native Ambassador.

Met the kindest people from this ecosystem.


NoobCTF friends wanted

Exploring appsec and infrasec with the occasional CTFs. Pres @ UW Cybersec Club.

The stuff I can do everyday for the rest of my life.

Rice Purity Tests


uWaterloo rice purity test

Made with SF roommates. Went viral on r/uwaterloo and also created techbropuritytest.wtf

Envision Accel

Venture Capital

Head of Community/Mentorship

Wore many hats from due diligence to social media. Met awesome founders here



Waterloo's first women-focused hackathon

Worked with companies to 2x fundraising goals for 500+ participants.

Valentines Together

Pandemic sanity project

A card game for your loved ones

Very proud of designs here


Winner of Hack the Northeast 2020

A user-friendly credit card advisor to develop healthy financial habits. Integrated with Plaid to help you optimize your rewards.

My last hackathon before I lost interests in hackathons


Winner of Hashicorp hackathon

A collage of Twitter pets in their Christmas outfits

Used this as an opportunity to learn Terraform strangely



Mobile app with facial recognition for people with Alzheimer’s to discreetly recognize their loved ones.

My first hackathon and it was Hack the North nonetheless. We didn’t get very far and the app was so ugly but it was exhilarating.


Winner of Deloitte Challenge 2020

Fostercare management designed with empathy. Received Deloitte’s offer to support the product to market readiness

Meeting my teammates on this project was a catalyst for many adventures


Winner of Technica 2020

Tracking Islamophobia in non-profits using public tax data.

Projects like these remind me why I got into coding in the first place.

Give Hero

Pandemic sanity project

An effective and data-driven solution to donation to charity